GSBC 2018 Announced! April 13-30, 2018.

Astro HAB
University of Padova - Padova, Italy
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Team Description

The team formed by two students of Aerospace Engineering, one student of Information Engineering and a multimedia specialist of the University of Padua. Please feel free to contact Loris, the team manager, at [email protected]

Plan for launch

As it's our first experience we have planned to launch a basic latex balloon with a payload of approximately 1.2 kg containing the tracking system, 2 GoPros, a camera and few sensors.

Why did you join?

We have joined GSBC because we believe that good initiatives should be rewarded, supported and worth spreading. We aim to involve high school students in our findings because science is really fun!

Team Members

  • Tancredi Busatta
  • Stefania Furlan
  • Loris Gravinese Bartoli
  • Michele Scarpa