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Instituto Iberotec - OEI - Lima, Peru
Foto 2016
Flew 2014 Flew 2015

Team Description

We are part of Iberotec Institute of Telecommunications and Telematics, We are students and teachers involve in projects of engineering on Arduino and Galileo from INTEL for space balloons and small satellites

Plan for launch

We plan to assembly a space balloon with sensors for temperature, pressure, CO2, UV, acelerometer, magnetometer and GPS. We will launch from ICA - Perú, like the last year 2015 to get a great photo and good DATA from sensors.

Why did you join?

We are interested in project like space balloons and smal satellites


Team Launch Date: 05/08/2016

Team Members

  • Lucy Huayllacayan
  • Percy Elvis Lagos Pacheco
  • Edson Robin Milian Sanchez
  • Daniel Pichilingue
  • Roberto Urbano Guadalupe
  • Miguel Antony Huallpa Isase
  • Gladys De la cruz Tuanama
  • Pablo Fasabi
  • Yover Vega Rodriguez
  • Saulo Castro
  • tito hinostroza
  • Kristie Peña
  • Dane Cachi