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Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary
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Team Description

Our team is formed under the Robotics and Embed Systems Department (LEGO Lab) of Simonyi Károly College of Advanced Studies. Most of our team members are students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and study different parts of elctrical and mechanical engineering. Our team is called the UPRA team and formed in 2013. UPRA is the name of our main development goal which is an Universal Platform for Robotics and Aerospace. Right now our main activity is high altitude ballooning.

Plan for launch

Our high altitude platform is called ReHAB which stands for Reusabel High Altitude Balloon, a rigid and reliable balloon probe that can be base of various balloon projects. It is powered by the UPRA on-board computer. 150 stands for the form factor of the capsule, it is 15x15x15cm and could provide space for various payloads and experiments. Our next flight will test the new version of the telemetry system with an integrated low resolution camera and an offline high resolution camera. The scientific goal of the next flight is gather enviromental data like temperature, humidity and pressure and also gather trajectory information by measuring the orientation of the probe. We would like to send back low resolution pictures during flight like we did it in our last mission with the prototype telemetry system. More details available on our website, and the progress of the development also can be followed there.

Why did you join?

We would like to be part of the global ballooning society and make beneficial and rich connections with other balloonists

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/18/2018

Team Members

  • Levente Pápay
  • Csongor Keller
  • Dávid Menyhárt-Radó
  • Márk Németh
  • Bence Góczán