GSBC 2018 Announced! April 13-30, 2018.

Hackers SLS (Space Lunch System)
Joint effort of HacDC, Rockville Studioi Makerspace, Unallocated Makerspace. - Greater Washington DC area, United States

Team Description

We are a joint team comprised of three makerspaces in the DC area (HacDC, Rockville Studioi Makerspace, Unallocated Makerspace). We are excited about going to near space, execute scientific experiments and retrieve the payload/data. We also want to see how makerspaces can collaborate on complex projects like these and use this as template to reach out to more people, especially, student groups. Our launch Name will be "SpaceBlimp-8". Our payload housing is a lunch box. Hence, the team name.

Plan for launch

still in the works but besides the radios and camera, we will try to send some Raspberry Pi computers, gyroscope, muon detector.

Why did you join?

It seems like a great platform to meet like minded groups and share our enthusiasm about near space

Team Members

  • samarth chugh