Prize submissions are now open for GSBC 2018 April 13-30.

Wroclaw University of Technology - Wroclaw, Poland
Flew 2015

Team Description

Our team is set of engineers and future scientist who use balloon flights in order to test ideas and develop importand skills.

Plan for launch

Our goal is to send and recover a biological samples which exposed to stratospheric conditions (mainly UV radiation) will be examined in one of our university laboratries. Nature of biological cells will be reviled soon. More over we wish to test our components of LoRa (Low Power Wide Area Network) infrastructure (transmiter, reciver, and tracking application).

Why did you join?

We join because GSBC is a great way to share our passion for science and engineering with people around the world.


Team Launch Date: 08/30/2017

Team Members

  • Jedrzej Gorski