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University of Silesia and Analog Astronaut Training Center - Gliwice, Poland
Pamela mission  team

Team Description

PAMELA - Plant, Aranae and Microorganisms Exposure to the Light Activity in Near-Space Environment. We are interdisciplinary group passionated about space exploration. We use balloon platforms to perform experiments in near space environment. The experiments concern global ecology and stress resistance of organic and non-organic materials. Above that we educate students through hands-on experience.

Plan for launch

We have a setup of several biological experiments. Bacteria, spiders, and plants will be exposed to all types of light radiation in near space environment. Molecular changes will be analysed in: cellular communication of bacteria, plants, spiders and in spider net structure. Additionally, a novel bacterial cellulose material will be tested regarding ability to shield hazardous radiation.

Why did you join?

We want to test our experiments and share with others passion for space research and education

Team Members

  • Michał Gocyła
  • Ireneusz Foryś
  • Joanna Foryś
  • Mirosław Nakonieczny
  • Tomasz Brol
  • Agata Daszkowska-Golec
  • Sławomir Sułowicz
  • Matt Harasymczuk
  • Agata Kolodziejczyk