GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

Near Space Conference - Toruń, Poland
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Flew 2015

Team Description

„LEO3 - Let’s Explore Ozone” Project is a continuation of the JADE project, which was awarded for the best scientific experiment in 2015 in GSBC. We are international and interdisciplinary group passionated about space exploration. We use balloon platforms to perform experiments in near space environment. The experiments concern global ecology and stress resistance of organic and non-organic materials. Above that we educate students through hands-on experience.

Plan for launch

We have a setup of several biological experiments. Yeasts, Algae, Lichens, and plants: Arabidopsis cell cultures and Nicotiana seedlings to test stress responsivity in the stratosphere.

Why did you join?

We want to test our experiments and share with others passion for space and education

Team Members

  • Michał Gocyła
  • Daniel Kaczmara
  • Maciej Jakimiec
  • bartosz postulka
  • Bartosz Moczała
  • Agata Kolodziejczyk