GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

Project ARC
Princeton University Rocketry Club - Princeton, United States

Team Description

We are a group of students competing as a representative of the larger Princeton Rocketry Club. Our goals are to break and altitude of 30,000 feet, continually collect data on location, temperature, pressure, and humidity, and to collect samples from atmospheric microbiomes using a specially designed sample collection device.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch do a test launch of our avionics and non-scientific payload in the fall and then launch with our scientific payload in the spring during the competition. Our scientific payload will collect samples of the atmosphere in sealed petri dishes to examine what microorgamisms are present at high altitudes

Why did you join?

It gave us the opportunity to turn our project into a competition flight vehicle with a fun and challenging deadline.

Team Members

  • Will Hess
  • Amanda Cheng
  • Thomas Hartke
  • Katherine Denner
  • Nadir Noordin
  • Kendall Ratter
  • Sneha Iyer
  • Gregory Luck
  • Uri Schwartz
  • Nicholas Haug
  • Nina Arcot
  • Meredith Hooper
  • Emma Louden
  • William Andrew
  • Beni Snow
  • Akiva Gordon
  • Robert Cohen
  • Fred Zheng
  • Aizhan Akhmetzhanova
  • Matthew Romer
  • Sunny He
  • Michael Fuerst